[vcf-midatlantic] How many machines in the warehouse are actually functional?

Joseph Oprysko joprysko1 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 09:12:22 EST 2015

I really would be interested in a workshop to work on some of the machines
in the warehouse that's known not to be functioning properly but that the
parts are there that they they should be. I have past experience in
mechanical terminals/typewriters as well, although I am 20+ years out of
practice so I don't know if I'd want to start with anything super rare
(like how I worked on the IBM Selectric at Festivus) but would have been
nice to have white grease, oil, spring hooks, etc. it's really been way too
long since I've worked on them, especially since I used to rebuild them,
and no longer have any of the tools or documentation from them. I actually
took a college class in repairing them. :)

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