[vcf-midatlantic] How many machines in the warehouse are actually functional?

Jeffrey Brace ark72axow at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 10:55:56 EST 2015

It's hard to say how many are functional. If you have an interest in fixing
something, when you come to the workshop Evan or I can walk with you and
find something appropriate.

On Monday, December 21, 2015, Joseph Oprysko via vcf-midatlantic <
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> I really would be interested in a workshop to work on some of the machines
> in the warehouse that's known not to be functioning properly but that the
> parts are there that they they should be. I have past experience in
> mechanical terminals/typewriters as well, although I am 20+ years out of
> practice so I don't know if I'd want to start with anything super rare
> (like how I worked on the IBM Selectric at Festivus) but would have been
> nice to have white grease, oil, spring hooks, etc. it's really been way too
> long since I've worked on them, especially since I used to rebuild them,
> and no longer have any of the tools or documentation from them. I actually
> took a college class in repairing them. :)
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