[vcf-midatlantic] Let's add value to the club, and have fun doing it!!!

Stephen Pereira spereira1952 at comcast.net
Sat Dec 26 11:47:59 EST 2015

> Offer online social network (or member’s only/private group on Facebook)

I strongly disagree with the Facebook idea.  For one, I am one of those curmudgeons who is not on Facebook, and never intends to be on Facebook, so this idea is dead to me.  Secondly, don’t we have the Vintage Computer Forums?  I think that is the best social network that we could have, and it’s already there.

> Replace/update the mail-list to one with a web-based interface.  I feel like we took a HUGE step backwards 

Again, I believe this is already in place with the VCF.  Perhaps some adjustments could be made, but I think the VCF is the best gathering place that we could devise.

Just my two cents worth…

Stephen M. Pereira
Bedford, NH  03110

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