[vcf-midatlantic] Let's add value to the club, and have fun doing it!!!

Dave Wade dave.g4ugm at gmail.com
Sat Dec 26 13:40:24 EST 2015

> > Offer online social network (or member’s only/private group on Facebook)
> >
> I strongly disagree with the Facebook idea.  For one, I am one of those
> curmudgeons who is not on Facebook, and never intends to be on Facebook,
> so this idea is dead to me.  
> Secondly, don’t we have the Vintage Computer
> Forums?  I think that is the best social network that we could have, and it’s
> already there.

The problem with many forums and especially the Vintage Forums is that you have to visit them to see new posts and there is no decent mobile client. I do visit the Vintage Forums but miss out on many others Atari, Mercedes-Benz, 3D-Printing to name but a few, as these all require explicit visits to see posts. I really don't understand why Forums are better than UseNet news. 

For me the big advantage of Facebook is that I can see everything on one page, and of course VCF is there. If you want to attract new members then I believe you need to be on Facebook.

> > Replace/update the mail-list to one with a web-based interface.  I feel like
> we took a HUGE step backwards
> >
> Again, I believe this is already in place with the VCF.  Perhaps some
> adjustments could be made, but I think the VCF is the best gathering place
> that we could devise.

There is no Mail interface to VCF for me a bigger step backwards.... 

> Just my two cents worth…
> smp
> --
> Stephen M. Pereira
> Bedford, NH  03110


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