[vcf-midatlantic] OS X Leopard DVD Needed

Joseph Oprysko joprysko1 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 19:54:35 EST 2015

I picked up an iMac G4 15” for a song… Err, well for $25, so close enough, I had one years ago that I traded away, but ended up forgetting to give the new owner the discs that go with it, poor new owner… boo hoo… lucky for me, as this G4 I got had a broken linux install that the owner didn’t know the root password to, so, luckily, I had my fully OS X recovery set, and made it a happy mac again.. well, to a point, it’s running Mac OS X 10.1.2…. I’d like to at least get it up to 10.5.8, the last one capable of running the Classic OS apps, as well as being modern enough to run most current type programs.


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