[vcf-midatlantic] floppy diskette reliability, by brand

Joseph Oprysko joprysko1 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 20:42:09 EST 2015

Well, like they say, Elephants have good memories.  LOL.

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> > Well, I have a sealed box of Bonus disks... let's see where they come
> out.
> > :)
> I've actually had good luck with old used bonus disks. I acquired over a
> thousand 3m disks still sealed over a year ago (have about 500 of those
> left) and of the ones I've used they average 1 bad disk right out of the
> shrink wrap per every 2 boxes of ten.
> Verbatim disks I have had the lowest failure rate. Ultra magnetics were
> the highest failure rate.
> I actually had over 500 disks in storage from my bbs days in the 80s. My
> ae line went offline the end of the 80s and that's when that stuff went
> into storage. Pulled them back out late 2013 when I got back into using my
> apple IIs and A good chunk were ultra magnetics because back in the day
> they were dirt cheap. Well, I got what I paid for!! 90% failure rate on
> those. Had about 5 verbatim disks fail after 30 years (had over 150 of
> them) and only a small fraction of elephant disks fail.
> For what that's worth to the conversation.
> Tony

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