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Fri Apr 1 08:51:12 EDT 2016

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>> The added benefit, no forced donation to
>> Uncle Sam via tolls!
> Well, again, most routes into Philly from 295 involve a bridge, and those usually have tolls in the westbound direction. For example, the only toll I pay is when coming back home over the Whitman bridge. Is there a way to avoid that of which I am unaware?
> Another nice bonus of that route is that 295 and 195 are both usually very pleasant, sparsely populated drives.
> - Dave

Hi Dave:

If you drive from Wall Twp. westward on I-195, you can connect with NJ route 29.  Route 29 connects to I-95 (the “real” I-95, not the NJTP) near Yardley, PA.  You can cross the Delaware River at the Scudder Falls Bridge, which has no toll… (at least for now).  You can also get on to I-295 (north.. west..) which becomes I-95 after it crosses over US-1 near Lawrenceville.  Since, the later route is on an interstate road, the traffic might move a little more quickly, but it would be longer.  Consult your GPS, and choose a no-toll route.

73 de Ray

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