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> > The museum should focus on amassing a complete
> > collection of AOL CDs.  Cover a wall with them.
> That's already Jason Scott's job, let's not step on his toes here.
> http://ascii.textfiles.com/archives/4624

Since AOL 1, I have set aside a disk, and then CD.  I have a box of them.
I also have ComuServe, Prodigy, etc.  There is a part in history for AOL
and their contribution to bringing Internet access to the masses.
IMHO...At some point an early WWW era exhibit would not be complete without
some attention towards these early companies.  Anyone remember Erol's
internet?  There were so many regional companies.  Bil Herd even had a
company that sold Internet access.  I remember it and when he got out of
the business.

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