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If you get a chance you might want to try to bring up one of the KSR-35s 
from one of the UNIVAC 1532s.

They are 110 baud 60 mA. ASCII machines

The manuals are on Bitsavers. (the KSRs not 1532)

you would need to pick up the connections inside the TTY as I don't have 
documentation for the interface cable.


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Anyone planning on attending the Teletype session on Friday?  If so,
perhaps one or two of you would like to bring in your Teletype (ASR 33),
working or no, so that we can use it as a hands-on demo of restoration and
use techniques.  At a minimum we can restore the print hammer head and/or
lube the machine parts.

If you bring a TTY, please clean it of debris/vacuum


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