[vcf-midatlantic] Which terminal for Prime 6550?

Tony Bogan thebogans at mac.com
Sat Apr 2 11:27:35 EDT 2016

> How about a poster with a period photo of an office floor all operating
> from the same Prime machine?  That would tell a more accurate picture.  The
> mini/mainframes were stored in a closed room, no one saw them.  They were
> temp controlled spaces with raised floors.  GIven you don't have that, it
> would make more sense to depict visually what was really going on rather
> than make up a scene that never really existed.

I was not under the impression we were trying to depict any type of "scene" but rather show the machines with the common peripherals they we're used with if we have them in the warehouse. Not the environment in which they were used.
If I'm wrong please correct me.
I would think a "this machine was often located in the machine room while the terminals...like this one.....would be at blah blah blah" and perhaps a picture or poster in addition to the hardware to give an example of the "typical" working environment.

As for the "Google" comment in the subsequent email, why bother having a list populated with people that actually used/worked on (some or all) of these machines in real life if when queried the response is "Google."??

Where's that roll eyes emoji when you need it? ;-)

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