[vcf-midatlantic] Which terminal for Prime 6550?

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> > How about a poster with a period photo of an office floor all operating
> > from the same Prime machine?  That would tell a more accurate picture.
> The
> > mini/mainframes were stored in a closed room, no one saw them.  They were
> > temp controlled spaces with raised floors.  GIven you don't have that, it
> > would make more sense to depict visually what was really going on rather
> > than make up a scene that never really existed.
> I was not under the impression we were trying to depict any type of
> "scene" but rather show the machines with the common peripherals they we're
> used with if we have them in the warehouse. Not the environment in which
> they were used.
> If I'm wrong please correct me.
> I would think a "this machine was often located in the machine room while
> the terminals...like this one.....would be at blah blah blah" and perhaps a
> picture or poster in addition to the hardware to give an example of the
> "typical" working environment.
> As for the "Google" comment in the subsequent email, why bother having a
> list populated with people that actually used/worked on (some or all) of
> these machines in real life if when queried the response is "Google."??
> Where's that roll eyes emoji when you need it? ;-)
> Tony

Tony - look forward to seeing you at VCF.  Let's chat then.

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