[vcf-midatlantic] Which terminal for Prime 6550?

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Sat Apr 2 12:53:07 EDT 2016

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> >>> It was frequently either a printing terminal like a DECwriter
> >
> > Saw your messafe after Bill's.
> >
> > We have a few DECwriters. I'm not sure if we have any generic ones,
> the Prime/DEC rivalry. Will have to look.
> Or use a Plessey, Televideo, or Direct terminal with a printer, that does
> need to be anything special could be a Diablo 630 or an Epson FX-80.

Given Pr1mes were often bought by cost-conscious customers, anything generic
would do. At the University of Salford our 9950s had a host of Generic
terminals, but I can't remember the brand for love nor money. They were
yukky grey things.

I also guess the parts of the University with DEC kit, and of course any
University is basically a host of competing tribes trying to avoid doing
what Computing Services tell them, may have connected through using DEC PSI
and X.29 so had VT100 on the Pr1me, but It feels wrong to me....


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