[vcf-midatlantic] museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Sun Apr 3 23:53:24 EDT 2016

Dean and I worked in the museum from about 10am to 5pm.

A few of the microcomputer cart backdrops came down overnight. We 
addressed this by putting superglue between the adhesive side of the 
velcro and the backdrop material. Hopefully they'll still be up the next 
time we go there! If that still doesn't work then we will try a 
mechanical fix (maybe put hose clamps and/or hooks around the cart 
poles, or something along those lines.) You can see the wall side of the 
micro exhibit and its new backdrops here: 
http://vcfed.org/evan/backs_wall.jpg and the center aisle side here: 
http://vcfed.org/evan/backs_center.jpg. Remember, there are going to be 
signs on each unit where the rear poles extend beyond the top shelves.

Per the recent discussion about terminals, we put the Televideo 750 with 
the Prime 6500 and a VT100 with the VAX-11/785. There wasn't room for 
separate tables in that area so we put the terminals on top of the 

I'm leaning toward the idea of moving the Prime's tape drive rack and 
the VT100 back into storage to make room for a DECwriter next to the 
/785 (theory being we already have a few other tape drives and terminals 
in the exhibit, but nothing else like the teleprinter.) This would let 
us show more kinds of artifacts, which is a good thing.

We reinstalled the bottom vent on another of the Prime racks. It was 
bent and the plastic part was badly separated from the metal frame. Tony 
fixed it for us a while ago. The plastic part is yellowed, but so is the 
one on other Prime rack next to it, so it looks like they match. :)

Dean and I also did an unplanned project with the PDP-8. I was lamenting 
that the brown+blue table for that computer is hard to move because its 
legs are of questionable integrity and that it doesn't match any other 
furniture in the next space. Started thinking if we could replace it 
with a small stand made from our usual metal shelf parts. Problem was, 
the 8's wooden platform is way too deep for that. We called David G. to 
ask what's involved in separating the computer from the platform; he 
explained how easy it is, so we did that. We cut a piece of plywood to 
fit neatly between the chassis and the cart shelf because the usual 
shelf liner kept bubbling under the 8's adjustable feet. Now, anytime 
David (or whomever) needs to work on that computer, all we have to do is 
wheel over the cart.

Of course, the 8's wooden platform is historic! We decided to mount it 
on the wall above the ASR-'33 next to the 8 itself. The platform is 
light, so we drilled a small hole in the center (it'll be covered) and 
hung it with a lag bolt and washer into a stud. We will put a sign 
explaining the RESISTORS in the center of the platform (covering the 
bolt head) and leaving all the RESISTORS alumni signatures visible 
around the edges. This was a fun project. See the picture here: 
http://vcfed.org/evan/kagan_close.jpg and see how it greets visitors in 
the transition from mainframes to minis here: 
http://vcfed.org/evan/kagan_far.jpg. At first we were reluctant to drill 
a hole in the platform; in retrospect we could have put a hook on the 
back and hung it like a picture. But this worked out fine, didn't hurt 
anything, and the platform is very secure.

Another thing we did today, but there's a lot more of it to do, is clean 
computers using a variety of baby wipes, goo gone, and that sort of 
thing. Dean attended Corey C.'s computer cleaning lesson at the VCF East 
last year and put those skills to good use!

I started zip-tying loose cords to the back of the micro carts but ran 
out of time.

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