[vcf-midatlantic] Univac name plate

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Mon Apr 4 00:03:50 EDT 2016

Dean and I went to install the Univac CPU name plate that Corey L. 
rescued. As we hoped, the air vent (in which the name plates mount) from 
the tape drive has screw holes in the same locations as on the CPU, so I 
removed the vent from our spare tape drive in the warehouse. The next 
challenge is the remove the name plate from the vent: it's riveted on 
there. Jimmy J. from the train group explained to me how to grind down 
the rivet doughnut thingamajig using a Dremel and the right attachment. 
He even put some rivets in a piece of scrap wood so I have something on 
which to practice before doing the real one. The proper name plate has 
nuts on the back, so it will attach without needed to re-rivet anything. 
I brought home the spare vent and the correct name plate and will work 
on that during the week.

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