[vcf-midatlantic] I made a mistake

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Mon Apr 4 16:21:54 EDT 2016

> I think the miss here is not the act but the haste. I can think of 2 or 3 alternatives that would also satisfy the liability concerns and would not have jeopardized the piece. (For the record, I am not the person who complained, and I am somewhat ambivalent on the specifics).
> It may be that the chosen approach was best but a bit more time to weigh the options would not have hurt. (Obviously, one can also over analyze and/or engage in groupthink, but I am not suggesting either)
> So, if the outcome is to pause anytime modification is considered, I think the best has occurred.

Liability really wasn't a concern at all. The platform is surprisingly 
light. No different than hanging a framed picture on the wall, except 
that this is more important than a picture. I used a lag bolt into a 
stud simply because I have a habit of being nervous about anchors and 
molly bolts and stuff.

As I now realize and as you/others said, there are many ways I could've 
hung the platform that would not have involved making a hole. So you are 
correct about rushing it.

We rushed because, well, we're in a rush to get the new museum "done" as 
much as possible in the next week and a half before VCF East.

Lesson(s) learned all around.

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