[vcf-midatlantic] museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Thu Apr 7 23:43:14 EDT 2016

Jeff G. and I got to the museum at 8am today. JG stayed to about 4pm, 
then I worked solo for a while; Jeff B. stopped by around 8:30pm and 
helped for a while. Then I helped him with his VCF East exhibit until 
10. How late did he stay after I left? You'd have to ask him!

Jeff G. and I spent the first two hours planning and re-making the the 
PDP-8 storage cart. Didn't want to rush this time. :)  We cut a thick 
piece of plywood for the entire width of the top shelf, lowered the 
shelf one inch to the posts stick up at each corner, and notched the 
plywood for the posts so the wood can't slide out. It worked quite well. 
See this picture: http://vcfed.org/evan/8top.jpg ... one of these days 
I'll shop for black rubber or plastic caps to fit into the poles. You 
can see the complete bottom shelf, added for stability, in this picture: 

We used the rest of the day to go on a computer-cleaning binge. We 
attacked every system with baby wipes and/or paper towels and/or 409 
spray and/or Goo Gone and/or scrubbing sponges. The results are 
dramatic! I didn't take before/after pictures, but many of the systems 
were yellowed and dirty... and now they're only yellowed. :)  Many 
others were simply dirty and now they're surprisingly clean. A good 
example if the Prime 6550. The metal panels were almost gray and nasty 
before; now they're nearly white. The bottom vents were yellowed and 
hideously covered in grime; now they're only yellowed and kind of 
bright. Check it out: http://vcfed.org/evan/prime.jpg.

Oh and we replaced the VT-100 with a DECwriter III aka LA-120. Cleaned 
that up and it looks almost new (from a few feet away): 

So what's left? I'm almost done make the files for all the signs; hoping 
to bring those in and print them on our new printer this weekend. Have 
to put up ropes and/or chains around the exhibits, put our sign outside 
the building, hang a bunch of pictures etc. (if there's time), clean up 
the workshop area, tie back a bunch of cables, and then declare the new 
museum "good enough" to open in beta mode for VCF East next week. Anyone 
who thinks we could have done more with the resources/time available 
should have donated more resources or their time. :)

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