[vcf-midatlantic] museum report

VAXman at tmesis.org VAXman at tmesis.org
Fri Apr 8 06:24:56 EDT 2016

Evan Koblentz via vcf-midatlantic writes: 

>Jeff G. and I got to the museum at 8am today. JG stayed to about 4pm,
>then I worked solo for a while; Jeff B. stopped by around 8:30pm and
>helped for a while. Then I helped him with his VCF East exhibit until
>10. How late did he stay after I left? You'd have to ask him! 
>Jeff G. and I spent the first two hours planning and re-making the the
>PDP-8 storage cart. Didn't want to rush this time. :)  We cut a thick
>piece of plywood for the entire width of the top shelf, lowered the
>shelf one inch to the posts stick up at each corner, and notched the
>plywood for the posts so the wood can't slide out. It worked quite well.
>See this picture: http://vcfed.org/evan/8top.jpg ... one of these days

What did you notch that with? A tree saw?  A holesaw would have made a nice
rounded corner cut. ;)

>I'll shop for black rubber or plastic caps to fit into the poles. You
>can see the complete bottom shelf, added for stability, in this picture:

What's thin inside/outside diameter?  There's a well stocked hardware store
here which has such caps.  I just purchased some for the legs of my currnet
high power rocketry launch rail project.  Let me know the sizes and I get a
set for you before VCF.

>Oh and we replaced the VT-100 with a DECwriter III aka LA-120. Cleaned
>that up and it looks almost new (from a few feet away):

Where's the tractor and printhead/platten cover?

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