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> On Apr 8, 2016, at 7:32 AM, Brian Schenkenberger via vcf-midatlantic <vcf-midatlantic at lists.vintagecomputerfederation.org> wrote:
> Jeff Galinat via vcf-midatlantic writes: 
>> On 4/8/2016 6:24 AM, Brian Schenkenberger via vcf-midatlantic wrote: >
>> What did you notch that with? A tree saw? A holesaw would have made a >
>> nice rounded corner cut. ;) Brian,    We worked with the tools I had.  I
>> had a circular saw & sawsall. Sorry if our work has not met your high
>> standards.  Mock our efforts if you must, but you have not been in
>> attendance for these work sessions. In my book, that means you don't get
>> to criticize.  There is still a lot of cleaning & setting up to do,
>> including sweeping & mopping the floors. We will be working Sunday, I
>> trust you you be stopping by to assist us? Regards, Jeff Galinat
> Where were you for the huge Jamesburg rescue?  The Toms River rescue?  And
> myriad others?  Don't sling the shit when you're not there to wade through
> it (Jamesburg) with the others.  Evan's called on me many times to employ
> my SUV and my trailer as the transport for much of what sits in the storage
> area.
> I've gone above and beyond the call of duty several times, despite requests
> NOT TO MOVE OR LIFT objects when I had my torn elbow ligamants; yet, there
> I was stuck moving and lifting.  I spent 2 years of my life in plaster with
> 34 broken bones on the mend and another year learning to walk again.  I live
> in constant pain from that -- exaccerbated now by my age -- and I have been
> there to move and lift a lot of crap about at the museum.
> So, please don't shower me with your self-indignation because you were there
> with your sawsall.  It's stuff like this that keeps me from participating in
> the requested efforts.
I don't recall Jeff questioning the quality of your volunteer efforts, but I get your point. Jeff has been there more than anyone for the past couple months of this effort besides Evan himself (I can never thank him enough) I know because I was there with them as much as possible (but nowhere near as much as them)

You're right, it's stuff like this (those not there criticizing those that are) that keeps me from participating in the requested efforts.

And then I remember if I don't sling the shit first I don't have to worry about people flinging it back.

I know, I haven't been here for all the stuff that came before. I wish I had been, but what good is all that effort if it's simply used to hang over other people's heads? I can never thank those (including you) that have put so much effort out to date enough to cover the gratitude I feel. I get to enjoy the fruits of their/your labors.

However, I don't remember sending an email questioning why you didn't get more stuff when you were there or why you didn't put the machines where they went instead of dumping them in the warehouse (these are made up examples, I don't feel that way!!)

Please, let's all be happy for those who help out and have helped out and will help out and make friendly suggestions and not criticisms.
Brian, perhaps after VCF we can get some wood and tools and really go to town on some of the custom displays/setups that need to be done. I'm ok but not super working with wood, so any guidance would be appreciated!!

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