[vcf-midatlantic] Museum security

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Fri Apr 8 10:41:04 EDT 2016


A member recently contacted another member, who in told informed me of 
the first member's security concerns (that someone could in theory take 
something small from our new space).

There has NEVER been anything stolen from us.

Obviously in a large collection things get misplaced from time to time, 
and once in a while somebody will move something without permission or 
without communicating it to someone else, etc., but we've NEVER had 
anything involving thievery occur.

But if anyone is wondering, we DO have security plans:

- We're going to set up the usual chains and/or ropes in front of all 
exhibits ahead of the show next week. We already have the stanchions in 

- The new space has a single entrance/exit (not counting emergency 
exits), unlike the old space which was four separate rooms each with its 
own door to the hallway, so it's less likely for someone to take 
something without us noticing (although that's never happened.)

- There will be copious and prominent "Please don't touch" signs all 
around the new space.

- There's going to be a chain and a "Staff only" sign separating the 
exhibits from the workshop area.

- Post-show, I'd like to install sheets of plexi on the fronts of 
shelving carts that involve any machine with a front panel.

- Also for post-show, we (the board) are considering ideas for creating 
some kind of walkway boundaries, perhaps with carpet runners or paint, 
which would encourage people to "stay within the lines" so to speak. 
(We're also considering a very creative way of painting the lines so 
that each part of the museum has its a unique "zone" with different themes.)

- We may install an alarm and/or security cameras when resources allow.

- Electric shock collars for all visitors. :)

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