[vcf-midatlantic] Museum security

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Fri Apr 8 11:15:24 EDT 2016

> Guys,
> A member recently contacted another member, who in told informed me of the 
> first member's security concerns (that someone could in theory take something 
> small from our new space).
> There has NEVER been anything stolen from us.

At the events I'm involved with our attendance was in the 15,000 - 20,000 
range and surprisingly never had any issues. Our stuff was sort of watched 
but not really, and in the first two years the old computer collections 
were out 24x7.

The *only* issue I had is the youngin's don't know how to handle 5.25" 
disks, or don't realize that they're actually needed to make the games go 
so we would find the 5.25" floppies on the concrete floor after they were 
taken out of the Apple II drives.

One trick I used to use in the BBS days, and this is only for MS-DOS stuff 
is you can hex edit command.com and change the DEL and ERASE commands to 
something else, and then remove format.com and that can keep malicious 
activities from MS-DOS computers -- but once again no real issues 

We just come into the events with lots of copies of the originals for 
whatever games and consider we will lose some.

My BIG fear is always the mice. NeXT, Atari ST, Amiga mice. A trick you 
can use is to tie wrap the keyboard cable to the mouse cable so it can't 
easily walk. But a mouse ball collector could still strike.

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