[vcf-midatlantic] A personal note

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Sat Apr 9 00:54:28 EDT 2016

> Guys,
> I'm under a lot of stress with VCF East, the museum, VCF West, and a
> possibly serious health issue. I would really appreciate it if we can
> all cut down some of the sarcasm.
> A lot of people on this list used to tell me to ask for help more often,
> instead of trying to do it all. So when I do ask, you can imagine how
> frustrating it is to be met with sarcasm or from people who say, "I'd
> love to help, but" .... that is noise, we need signal.
> I run the group because I love it. This is not a complaint, just a
> personal request.
> Thank you -- and extra-special thanks to the (many) of you who've
> stepped up these past few months, including many of you who did so
> behind-the-scenes because you also love this stuff, not for any credit
> or glory.

Of course, everyone should have fun here! :)  I am simply asking for 
people to be a little less flippant.

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