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> Subject: need DOS for leading edge model D
> Hi All, I am in need of a copy of DOS for the Leading Edge Model-D (the
> one made by Daewoo). Not sure which version, I think that I used to use 3.3
> when I had my original Leading Edge. This one has a hard drive, but I am
> not happy with the op system. I want to wipe the hard drive and install a
> fresh DOS so that I can use Lantastic (which I also need advice on as to
> what version I should use for DOS 3.3 on my Leading Edge computer.  I want
> to network several older computers with 10Base2 so that I can keep the
> grandkids from plugging their playthings into some cat5 outlet lurking
> somewhere on my network. That has been a real issue in the past with my
> more modern network. I want to use the AUI port with micro transceivers
> (CentreCom AT-10MX type transceivers). Any advice, knowledge most welcome
> and if you have a copy of DOS for sale, please let me know. Thank you
> much, Joe H Consciousness affects the medium. Think happy, be happy, and
> happiness will follow you.

I checked.  I found Epson and Acer-branded DOS 3.3 disks, but no Leading
Edge, at least not where I would have expected it to be.  If you just want
DOS 3.3, there is another way, if you can read the entire thread before
giving up:

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