[vcf-midatlantic] museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Sun Apr 10 22:42:54 EDT 2016

Steve A. and I worked for several more hours in the museum today.

Big accomplishments: finally hung our banner outside the building (Steve 
is fearless on an extension ladder!) and got the stanchions/chains set 
up inside.

Steve being immune to gravity: http://vcfed.org/evan/ladder.jpg.

Our sign next to the surfer group's sign: 

We only used the grommets on the corners. I thought we'd need the ones 
along the middle/edges, but today was very windy and the sign barely 
billowed at all, so it's probably all set. Perhaps we will install the 
middle bolts on a warm sunny day. For now the sign is mounted tight, it 
looks good, and it's definitely not going anywhere.

Our homemade stanchions tend to get bumped into and moved off-course by 
visitors. Easy way to deal with that: we took a fine-tip black Sharpie 
and traced the bottom of each stanchion base. That way, it's obvious 
where they go back.

We also cleaned more, moved lots of stuff back to the warehouse 
(including our outdoor-style trash can), and purchased a nice 
indoor-style can for the museum. Picked up a couple of rolls of blue 
duct tape, which we'll use to create a walking aisle around museum 
exhibits. We're not worried about the tape ripping up the gray paint on 
the floor because we are a developing a creative and fun re-painting 
plan for the floor this summer anyhow.

I stayed up extremely late last night and found a nice (and simple) way 
to format all the microcomputer signs. Going to print and hang them on 
Tuesday. The frames we ordered (24 pack for the larger 13x19 frames) 
arrived; we'll use those for the larger systems and in various other 
places around the museum.

The only major thing that won't be done in time for VCF East is setting 
up the Android kiosks. That will have to be a summer project.

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