[vcf-midatlantic] Final class schedule for this Friday

Ian Primus ian.primus.ccmp at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 10:10:31 EDT 2016

I'm pretty abstract as it is, so perhaps this is redundant, but
somehow Evan talked me in to teaching two classes - I'm doing CRT
monitor repair and early Mac repair.

The CRT class will cover the basics of how a CRT monitor works, a
little theory, high voltage safety, troubleshooting and common
symptoms and repairs for color and monochrome monitors and televisions
as used on vintage computers.

The early Mac class will cover compact macs and early color desktop
Macs, primarily the Macintosh II and the Portable, but touching on
things that apply to all the 68K desktops, such as the LC and Quadra
machines. How to take compact Macs apart, common faults, problems with
floppy drives, capacitors, and also how not to zap the bejeezus out of
yourself when working on an all-in-one Mac. See also, CRT monitor

Both classes will be fairly general, and good for people with limited
experience on the subjects. Both will be open ended - I've got
prepared notes, but I'd much rather go over specific questions people
have. Speaking of which, I could use some demo units for the Mac class
especially - I'd like at least one compact Mac and a Macintosh II - I
assume we have some broken/untested ones in the warehouse? I'll bring
a monitor or two for that class, but, again, if we've got something in
the warehouse, could use one.

And, if anyone has anything related to either of those subjects they
would like me to cover, please let me know.


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>>Are the tracks being recorded so we can catch up on the stuff we miss?
> Are there any abstracts available for these classes?

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