[vcf-midatlantic] Final class schedule for this Friday

Bill Sudbrink wh.sudbrink at verizon.net
Tue Apr 12 10:50:15 EDT 2016

> And, if anyone has anything related to either of
> those subjects they would like me to cover, please
> let me know.

I don't know if I'll be there in time for your monitor
class, but one of the things I've always had trouble
with is how to tell where the problem lies.  In
particular, image issues like "ghosting", "wavy"
images, general fuzziness.  Sometimes it seems like
the source is the problem, but then you try the same
source with a different monitor and the problem is
gone.  So you try the "bad" monitor with a different
source and there's no problem there either.  What
the...? you ask yourself.  So you put the original
monitor and source back together and the problem is
still there.  Very frustrating.

Bill S.

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