[vcf-midatlantic] recording video and audio at VCF East

Steven Michelsen stevenm at optonline.net
Tue Apr 12 16:40:56 EDT 2016

If the room you are video-recording in is using a mic and speakers, the audio should be OK.  It won't sound like CNN but should be legible, like this one from last year... 

I'm Steven Michelsen.  I signed up to this list yesterday.  I have been a freelancer in the A/V business for 35 years.  I programmed multi-image slide shows for corporate meetings and such, back in the '80s on an "AVL Genesis" - either as a branded PC, or with a "Genesis card" in an 8-bit slot in an IBM, Compaq or clone.  Now I do powerpoint for a living.  Same show, different technology.  In recent years I have had a fit of nostalgia for the business as it was back in the day, and of course the gear that I worked with.  I am now surrounded by IBM 5155s, Compaq portables, and some AVL branded computers, all in various states of repair.  Not to mention slide projectors, dissolve units, etc, etc.

Here's my AVL page: www.stevenmichelsen.com/AVL

Anyway, all this talk tempts me to bring along my video camera and tripod on Friday (I live in northern NJ).  Afterwards I can hand over any video files via dropbox or whatever you like.


You're both right, but we are dealing with very limited resources here.

Let's please NOT make this another "You guys should..." thread.

We are all doing our best. It is an amateur event and that's fine.

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