[vcf-midatlantic] Final class schedule for this Friday

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Tue Apr 12 19:52:17 EDT 2016

It's certainly reasonable to ask presenters to post their abstracts, 
some may have done so already.

Brian L. Stuart said:

> My early class is Analog Computer Basics.  I plan to go though
> the basic idea of electronic computing without bits.  The first
> few minutes will be a quick overview of key ideas in electrical
> engineering.  The second segment will look at using operational
> amplifiers to create mathematical building blocks.  The remainder
> of the presentation will go through an example of modeling a
> simple physical system and illustrating it on a Comdyna GP-6.

I welcome this presentation. By age I'm the last of the engineers who 
might have even SEEN analog computers in use. I operated one and saw 
another in use to model a chemical plant. These are a different world of 
computation from digital logic.

I suggest anyone interested in this talk, do a quick read about 
"differential equations" first. That's the equivalent of telling someone 
"learn Boolean logic before looking at TTL circuits". If that's too 
abstract, look up how a pendulum works, a bouncing ball, stuff like that 
are all differential equations at work.

change is good

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