[vcf-midatlantic] Long night!

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Fri Apr 15 04:03:41 EDT 2016

Had lots of helpers today. Corey/Jeremy, Jeff B., Jeff G. (Bags, not Galinat), Tony, Bob F., Alex D., Ian, Dan, Don, and Chris F. .... sorry if I forgot anyone!

Started today at 8:30am. People arrived throughout the day. We set things up all day. Pizza lunch and we went to late dinner around 10pm. Jeff B. and Dan came back to museum for another hour or two. Bob and I didn't finish until 3:30am!

There is a lot we * didn't * get done in the museum and for the show. At this stage every year, I realize that wherever we stand is final. We did our best.

And now, it's time for two hours of sleep for me. :(

Please be patient when I'm on fumes tomorrow night.

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