[vcf-midatlantic] Heath H-11 line time clock question

Systems Glitch systems.glitch at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 11:25:31 EDT 2016

> RT-11 won’t boot with the LTC enabled, and the Emulex manual specifically says it should be disabled at the CPU card. 

I would think this applies only to LTCs that can't be disabled in software -- for instance, the BDV11 has a software switch for the LTC and IIRC comes up with the LTC disabled. The Emulex card *must* work with the LTC enabled some time after boot, or it wouldn't work with 2.11BSD (and it does -- that's what I use mine for). I don't remember if the UC07 has a software-controlled LTC function, some of the other Emulex devices do. Wouldn't be hard to kludge on to the system if it doesn't.

I'll dig through my QBus inventory and see what, if anything, provides a LTC without too much overlap in functionality.

> Alternatively, if anyone knows of a file transfer program for RT-11 (SJ, FB monitors only) then maybe that’s an option. I’ve seen an XMODEM program but it uses TSX.

You can use the TU58 emulator for this process, it'll be roughly the same speed since you're going over a SLU in both cases.


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