[vcf-midatlantic] Heath H-11 line time clock question

Richard Cini rich.cini at verizon.net
Tue Apr 19 15:31:33 EDT 2016

Thanks Jonathan. 

The H11 uses the LSI-11 (M7270) which I don’t think has a soft-switch for the LTC.


Rich Cini

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>> RT-11 won’t boot with the LTC enabled, and the Emulex manual specifically says it should be disabled at the CPU card. 
>I would think this applies only to LTCs that can't be disabled in software -- for instance, the BDV11 has a software switch for the LTC and IIRC comes up with the LTC disabled. The Emulex card *must* work with the LTC enabled some time after boot, or it wouldn't work with 2.11BSD (and it does -- that's what I use mine for). I don't remember if the UC07 has a software-controlled LTC function, some of the other Emulex devices do. Wouldn't be hard to kludge on to the system if it doesn't.
>I'll dig through my QBus inventory and see what, if anything, provides a LTC without too much overlap in functionality.
>> Alternatively, if anyone knows of a file transfer program for RT-11 (SJ, FB monitors only) then maybe that’s an option. I’ve seen an XMODEM program but it uses TSX.
>You can use the TU58 emulator for this process, it'll be roughly the same speed since you're going over a SLU in both cases.

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