[vcf-midatlantic] OT: I have too many phone systems

Jason Perkins perkins.jason at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 13:08:29 EDT 2016

Guys, I have a problem. I have too many PBXs and not enough space to
put them in.

System 1:

AT&T Partner Plus. R4.1 processor card. Has one 206E card giving 6
stations and 2 CO lines, and a 200E card giving 2 additional CO lines.
Has a Partner Mail VS 4.0 2 line voicemail card.
Also comes with an original 2 port Partner Mail system. This is a 386
PC running concurrent CPM!
I have several display and non display phones for this system.

One nice thing about the AT&T Partner is that all station ports can
drive both a MLS system phone and an analog / bell station. One bad
thing about these early partner systems is that they forget their
configuration when the nicad battery on the processor board runs out,
but the programming is so simple it doesn't take long to put it back

System 2:

NEC UX5000. Has 16pt digital station card, 8 CO line card, and 4 port
analog station card. Also has UX Mail card, however the CF card
containing the OS died :(
Has 4 display phones, one with a button sidecar. These are nice
backlit displays, and the phone buttons light up too! If you buy a
license from NEC this system will support IP phones.

System 3:

Comdial FXII. Has 2x 16pt small display station digital cards, 8 pt CO
card, and an E&M tie line card. Also has battery backup cabinet, dead
batteries removed.
I administer a similar system at my day job, and really like the
Comdial equipment. If this system had an analog station card I'd be
more tempted to keep it.

Bonus Item 1:

Adtran TotalAccess 850. Has 6x 4pt FXS cards. This takes a T1 in and
spits out 24 analog POTS lines. Has battery backup cabinet attached,
dead batteries removed.

If you're interested let me know and we'll talk price. I want this
stuff gone, so my pricing will be very reasonable. I'm located in
Springfield VA, just outside Washington DC.


Jason Perkins
313 355 0085

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