[vcf-midatlantic] Tall display case needed for museum

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Sat Apr 23 15:49:13 EDT 2016

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> Everyone,
> I'm hunting for the perfect display case for our ENIAC/UNIVAC exhibit.
> Currently we are using a black wooden case that's about 4 ft. tall x 4 ft.
> wide x 2 ft. deep. But the bottom 2 feet are storage; only the top half is
> a display space. It looks like this:
> http://www.achievedisplay.com/prodimages/half-glass-display-case-l.gif
> except the bottom is black. It has three redeeming qualities: it's lighted,
> it's on casters, and the inside back doors are mirrored.
> Anyway, we have more artifacts that should be shown and no extra floor
> space, so we could use something taller with multiple levels.
> What I envision:
> - shelves at (approx.) 2, 3, and 4 ft. tall
> - mirrored and locking back doors
> - all shelves lighted
> - black or metal exterior
> - hidden casters on all corners
> - glass or plexi front
> Does anyone have something like this or know where one could be obtained
> inexpensively?

​how about this ?
it not exquisite, but it still looks respectable
only $70, plus it includes a lighting option for $7
But.....I didn't see any locks
I would think there's a way to add a locking option, probably from a 3rd
Because those types just get several hundred $$ more expensive
​it says there's some in stock at the Elizabeth, Paramus and Philly stores​


> I could make it (stop laughing!) but the materials would be expensive.

<coffee spit-take> :)

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