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On 4/26/2016 2:44 PM, Dan Roganti via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
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>> Can't believe I forgot about that! Read about it many times. My first
>>> computer exposure was turtle * graphics * on a VIC-20, but I've
>>> definitely read about the earlier versions. Wonder if we can make
>>> something like that....
>> PS. I'm not seriously suggesting that we try. As noted on the site Dan
>> linked, it's controlled "via a radio transceiver attached to a teletype
>> terminal connected to a remote computer." Sounds just slightly complicated
>> to build between now and HOPE. :)
> ​yeaaa, it's not a tech issue, it's not enough pop, caffeine, food and lost
> work days :)
> But always possible for a museum exhibit​
> btw, those motors for the KIM-1 robot are heavy and unobtanium
> It's a geared motor including the wheel and mounting shaft,
> they were originally used in some old electric cart.
> Have to dig them out of the storage box, but if you guy are serious,
> I'll help you organize the parts list and I'll donate the motors to build
> one for the museum
> ​Dan

What about the bbc micro turtle bot with the plastic case and the 8051 
mcu inside, which had a real pen and accepted serial commands etc? does 
anyone have one of those or were they a UK-only thing?

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