[vcf-midatlantic] Running Windows 1.04 in emulation

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 22:04:20 EDT 2016

The model 25 collegiate kit ran 1.04 on two 720k disks with a ps/2 mouse.

Bill Degnan
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> All —
> I’m progressing well with the Windows 1.04 SDK -- I’ve gotten all of the
> binders and books scanned. The software is fully captured and I’m trying to
> create a “build environment” for this as a demo.
> I’ve tried to get Windows to work properly in various combinations of
> virtual environments with limited success. I’ve used Parallels on the Mac,
> VirtualBox on the Mac and PC, Bochs on the PC and Microsoft Virtual PC on
> the PC. I have a complete log of my findings if anyone’s interested.
> Only Parallels on the Mac worked completely. On Microsoft VirtualPC under
> Windows 7, it almost worked, but button clicks didn’t register. Bochs was
> the worst performer.
> Most of the issues have to do with capturing the mouse — Windows 1
> predated PS/2 mice so a mouse has to be mapped to the virtual COM port or
> the InPort bus interface, which the virtualizations seemingly do with
> limited success and not at all, respectively. Some had problems with MSDOS
> 3.31 diskette images or 32MB virtual hard drives (the limit for DOS 3.31).
> Others had issues booting Windows under DOS 5.
> Has anyone successfully gotten Windows 1 to work within any virtual
> environment with working mouse support? If so, what was the exact software
> configuration so that I can replicate it here?
> Thanks!
> Rich
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> Rich Cini
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