[vcf-midatlantic] Funny moment @ VCF East last weekend

Anthony Becker commodoreuser at verizon.net
Sat Apr 30 18:26:13 EDT 2016

That was a moment I won't forget any time soon. A great day and I'm glad I was there. Seeing the 'father' of the Amiga 4000 (and 3000) seeing the machine again for the first time in so many years was amazing. I thought I was about to get schooled in that room. But like all the former Commodore engineers I have met he was an absolutely great guy. Bil Herd who made it all possible is another great guy. 

Of course we also will have the full video of the class up once it's edited. And also put video from the show itself.  We also got a special video with Greg Berlin to post. 

Now to start thinking about next years festival.  

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Watch this video clip: https://youtu.be/SoGFFXbpsfI

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