[vcf-midatlantic] IBM PS/2 Floppy Blues

Stephen A Edwards sedwards at cs.columbia.edu
Sat Aug 6 22:39:42 EDT 2016

Found an IBM PS/2 Model 60 (huge tower) a while ago. It powers on, displays
video, complains about the CMOS memory, and refuses to boot further.

I spent a day fighting with the 3.5" 1.44MB floppy: I recapped it, cleaned
the heads, cleaned the track 0 sensor, and it's now happier than it used to
be, but it still won't boot disks (it seeks to track 0 on reset, and spins
the disk for a bit when it's trying to read track 0 for boot, but then
gives up shortly after that). It's a strange floppy: a 40-pin edge card
connector instead of the usual 34-pin.

It has a 5.25 MFM (?) drive in it (90X8643 MCA controller card) that spins
up and seems to move heads around, but it doesn't seem to want to boot off
of that either, perhaps because the CMOS information is gone. Anybody
familiar with how that needs to work.

So I'm looking for advice, or reason to get rid of it. Anybody have a spare
3.5" floppy drive FOR AN IBM PS/2 kicking around (i.e., 40-pin edge card
connector)? Is there any way to fix up the CMOS memory without booting a
floppy? (It doesn't seem to have BASIC) Anybody have a MCA SCSI controller?
Or does anybody want to take this boat anchor off my hands?


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