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David Hoelzer dhoelzer at enclaveforensics.com
Mon Aug 8 10:49:49 EDT 2016

Hello all!

I’ve got to make room in the rack for some modern blade servers, so I’ve got some stuff that has to go. I thought I’d give you guys first dibs. I’d really love to see everything go together (to make it easy to make a single trip.. I’m at the far eastern tip of Long Island), but I’ll part out if necessary.

I’m not posting prices because, frankly, I don’t have the time to do any research here, though there is some value to some of this. Reasonable offers won’t be declined. :)

What’s available:

VaxStation 4000 VLC - Don’t recall if it has a 50 pin drive in it or not but I’m sure I have a 50 pin drive that can go with it. Includes AUI connector.

MicroVax 3100-40 - At least one drive in it.. possibly 2? I don’t recall. Was running a cluster for 10 years up until I yanked it out of the rack this morning. Also has one of those weird lobster claw CD drives for which I could never find a carrier. Tape drive as well, no tapes. Includes AUI connector.

Another MicroVax 3100. I don’t recall which model this is. Also working, also has a 50 pin  SCSI drive in it and an AUI connector.

Dec VT320 with keyboard, working wonderfully, very clean with good screen.

Wyse terminal.. I forget the model on this. Works fine, but is finicky. My diagnosis is that the capacitors in it are borderline.. May not power up first time… but if you power off and on it will come up just fine.  Again, likely the caps. Keyboard included, of course.

The big prize:  A Decserver 300! Works great. The software for it is actually installed on the 3100-40 so that it can MOP boot.  It’s had a bit of surgery done… The original power supply was toast and it was impossible to find any documentation for. Replacing caps left it still dead, so I replaced it with a modern power supply and figured out the wiring internally.  Has 16 MMJ ports and comes with an AUI adapter as well.

Again, reasonable offers are welcome but I’d prefer to have it all go together for simplicity. If there are no interested offers in the next few days it all heads to eBay.

David Hoelzer
Principal Analyst, Chief Research Officer
Enclave Forensics / Cyber Defense

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