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> On Mon, 8 Aug 2016, william degnan via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> If you're eager to see something before I edit the file's names (I still
>> need to confirm what each thing actually was), create thumbnails and a
>> post
>> a thread on my site, feel free to take a look at the raw footage from VCF
>> West and the CHM
>> http://vintagecomputer.net/VCFWest_2016
>> http://vintagecomputer.net/pictures/2016/CHM_California/
>    The image named IBM_70xx.jpg is the left half of a SAGE (AN/FSQ-7)
> Duplex Maintenance Console from North Bay, Ontario.
>    The image named IBM_unknown.jpg is a 4Kword core memory (4096x33) unit,
> "Lil Mem" from SAGE.
>    The image named Whirlwind_1.jpg is a SAGE Weapons Director console.
>    The image named Wirlwind_2.jpg is the Weapons Director console with an
> Intercept Technician console on the left.
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Thanks Mike, I will update the names of the files.  Checking over the names
I use is time consuming but necessary.  I guessed the names from memory
while on the plane ride home, I guess I need to brush up on my Sage vs.
Whirlwind (and Volscan).  I also have to go through all of the exhibits'
filenames, I prob made bad guesses there too.
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