[vcf-midatlantic] IBM 3174 (older version)

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> For $88, it's prob close to a handful of people here who could pick up,
> someone I am sure could make use of this for their IBM 80's 90's mainframe
> stuff...I know Dave McGuire has an IBM S/370 system that use two of these
> as part of it at the museum in Pittsb.  The're used to connect printers and
> terminals.
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/IBM-3174-11R-CONTROLLER-DATA-
> PROCESSOR-/142073134011?hash=item211437fbbb:g:XiYAAOSwUuFWv0sw
> --
> Bill Degnan

It looks like this terminal controller uses SNA not Bus and Tag(Parallel
channel IO) through Bus and Tag could be added through another I/O card,
this is also the single floppy drive model so that limits its functionality
a bit over the 2 floppy model. They are not that bad to move, just really
an awkward size, shape (I have managed to take one and stack it on top of a
DEC short rack without too much trouble).

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