[vcf-midatlantic] Calcomp 565 plotter - works, but looking for pen mechanism (or any parts)

Jack Rubin j at ckrubin.us
Fri Aug 19 19:33:57 EDT 2016

I returned from the recent (fantastic - thank you Erik, Evan and team!) VCF-West with one more item off my ever-shorter "must have" list - I am the new owner of a very nice Calcomp 565 drum plotter. 

Photos are here: http://tinyurl.com/calcomp565

The only problem, unfortunately a major one, is that it is completely lacking the pen mechanism. This is actually a multi-part assembly that threads into the carriage on the front rails of the plotter and lifts the pen up and down in response to z-axis commands from the controller. It is a solenoid that uses the pen as the core and was thus supplied in many configurations depending on the kind of pen used. The first couple photos show what I'm looking for but I'd be happy with any bits of any configuration if you might have an idea where to find such items. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

BTW, I'm well aware of the work that David Gesswein, Herb Johnson, Jeff Jonas and Tom Mikulic have done. I'm just hoping that there are some bits and pieces still out in the wild. 

Jeff, if you have any rolls of chart paper, I'm interested.


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