[vcf-midatlantic] oldest email address in the club

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Mon Aug 29 15:54:01 EDT 2016

On Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 3:09 PM, Jeffrey Jonas via vcf-midatlantic <
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> replying to william degnan
> > Subject: [vcf-midatlantic] oldest email address in the club
> > Anyone still operating actively an email address from before 1995
> I have been jeffj/at/panix/dot/com since 1991.
> I know the fellow with a slightly lower UID but he's not a VCF member.
> Before that, my emails were via my employer,
> but as a consultant I quickly realized the merit of an email
> that I could keep independent of my employer or client.
> I had email via Genie, Delphi, Prodigy but never Compuserve or AOL.
> Before it was PANIX, there was Big Electric Cat.
> A friend used that to access USENET before the Internet,
> back when most systems were "walled gardens".
> -- jeffj

I think Jeff wins!  1991

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