[vcf-midatlantic] vintage computer streaming video

Jeffrey Jonas jeffrey.scott.jonas at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 14:37:32 EDT 2016

I finally repaired the power supply to my Roku box (Internet television).
My guilty pleasure is over - the StarLost channel is gone!
It was all StarLost all the time.
I liked the urban exploring feel of the show as the clueless-3
wandered the Space Ship Arc's corridors of abandoned consoles,
kinda like NASA mission control of the 60s, or an old military base.
Gee, just like Camp Evans :-)

Anyway, I found something wonderful:
Joe Screwdriver's Retro Tech


Joe Screwdriver presents the Retro Tech Time Machine curated
collection of retroactive technology. Old-style motion pictures of
high tech gizmos from the previous century are transmitted directly
from Joe's collection to your Roku player. Plenty of old-time knobs,
switches, rollers, gears, computers, telephones, tubes, spacecraft,
blinky lights, and machines of all sizes to satisfy your retro tech

I wish I had YouTube links for all the wonderful videos showing
- an analog computer with plugboard-o-wires running an early Apollo simulator
- early computers, including a quick tutorial of the 026 and 029 keypunch
- all sorts of pre-computer office machines such as Addressograph's
  variety of machines for printing labels and form letters.
  An early form of word processing: the typewriter punched holes in a
wide paper tape
  similar to a piano roll, which was played back on "player piano"
like typewriters
  so everyone could get an original document.
  Before the IBM Selectric was Varityper's typewriter
  with an interchangeable DRUM of various fonts and type sizes!
- publicity films from IBM and Western Union,
  showing how early systems used MILES of paper tape every day!
- lotsa NASA films from Gemini, Apollo, letting me relive the space race days.

-- jeffj

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