[vcf-midatlantic] Painting

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Wed Aug 31 17:38:29 EDT 2016

> Painting the top few feet of our walls (top of the door frame to the ceiling) would be easy, but painting the ceiling itself would be difficult detail-wise. Rollers on sticks wouldn't get the all the edges. There are many edges because the ceiling is WW2 style. I asked Tony for his opinion because he seems to know a lot about painting. He recommended getting professional estimates. He said if the cost is exorbitant then he can probably get some of his worker to come help, but he emphasized that the tall, large ceiling really should he done by pros to look halfway decent. I will get a few estimates.

But since I erred and let out the secret, I might as well tell you guys 
about it.

Our museum room is a big boring white box.

The ceiling is high (10 ft.?) with about 3 feet between the top of the 
door frames and the ceiling itself. We think it would look much better 
if we paint that area (all around the room) and the ceiling a dark shade 
of blue. That would bring people's eyes down to the artifacts, hide much 
of the big ugly ceiling, and we further plan to break up the blue/white 
line with creative placement of signs (and also some LED TVs).

Thus we're seeking the most efficient way of painting the ceiling. 
Cheapest way is DIY, but that would also be the worst quality. :)

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