[vcf-midatlantic] Painting

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Wed Aug 31 22:10:25 EDT 2016

>> This renovation sounds like the beginnings of an adhoc html webpage on
Geocities from the 1990s.... Avoid turning that into a some eerily cavernous habitat from Colossal cave with bright white lights beaming down from the ceiling while expecting a Grue to jump upon you. You know the saying about a movie production, the filming can be great [the artifacts], but if the soundtrack sucks ass [the interior], the movie will still be crap [the museum].

Geez, Dan, stop being so subtle. :)

>> try adding some adornments that is befitting of a museum

We had that thought, too. See my other email about suggestions for painting plexi in a translucent manner... the idea (since you're twisting my arm!) is to paint some on-topic images on rectangular sheets of plexi and hang those flat a couple of feet belong our many fluorescent lights. It would break up the boring white ceiling, add some cool adornments, and hide the ugly lights too. While we're at it, perhaps replace the standard bulbs with LED versions.

>> Replace those friggin' awful ghetto paint-can stanchions with the actual thing.

Great minds think alike: this is yet another idea that we're considering. :)  Options include proper stanchions or maybe a railing. I like the railing idea because it won't move around, but we could get it done modularly in order to access/move equipment as needed.

>> You can get students from an art school to volunteer for this

Now THAT is a good idea!

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