[vcf-midatlantic] Wireless Broadband at InfoAge (was Seven exhibits already for VCF East XI)

Chris chrisjpf33 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 16:59:49 EST 2016

My personal iPhone is on AT&T and I seem to get a good connection there. My company laptop has a Verizon internet connection and that seems to work well too.

On Feb 2, 2016, at 4:38 PM, Peter Cetinski via vcf-midatlantic<vcf-midatlantic at lists.vintagecomputerfederation.org> wrote:

On Feb 2, 2016, at 4:32 PM, Evan Koblentz via vcf-midatlantic <vcf-midatlantic at lists.vintagecomputerfederation.org> wrote:
>> I’m thinking about an exhibit that depends on Internet connectivity.  Will there be decent WiFi available?
> Yes, with one caveat -- sometimes things happen at InfoAge network-wise that are beyond VCF's control. So, 'yes', but we're not guaranteeing it.

Sure.  Does anyone know what the quality of AT&T wireless service is like at InfoAge?  A fallback could be a mobile wifi hotspot with my phone.

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