[vcf-midatlantic] Workshop Jan. 30/31 Report

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Tue Feb 2 18:24:23 EST 2016

I assembled a PDP 8/A from boards and chassis, and except for my core 
memory boards it operated successfully.

I tested on David Gesswein's working 8/A the following: my 8/A board 
set, my core memory boards, and my programmer's panel. Then I assembled 
the best of these on my 8/A chassis, and ran tests with some success. 
However I had to use David's 8K core and not mine.

My thanks and great appreciation to David Gesswein, who provided total 
use of his 8/A, and patiently gave me instruction and answered 
questions, as he worked on another slightly more challenging PDP-8.

I'm working up my notes onto my Web site. Here's the Web pages in progress.


is my work on my 8/A and brief notes and photos of David's straight-8 
work. There's links on that page, to previous work I did on various 
parts of the 8/A which I assembled last weekend.


is a very rough Web page on the VCFed repair event itself. No photos up 
yet, I'll work on it. Photos are available from me for use, for any of 
the attendees.

I enjoyed the weekend. It was good to see my VC friends again, and see 
some of their work. It was interesting to see all the Commodore 64 
attention, and the Pumapunku pile of 1641 drives in various states of 
repair during the course of the weekend. Bill Degnan had some 
interesting discussion at Saturday dinner. Thanks to Jeff Galinat for 
use of his soldering iron, and I admired his S-100 setup. Thanks to Jeff 
Brace for his management of the event, Evan for various food runs and 
for accommodations. And my regards to all my colleagues who attended.

Herb Johnson, retrotechnology.com


Herbert R. Johnson,  New Jersey USA
http://www.retrotechnology.com OR .net

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