[vcf-midatlantic] FS: Tanner/Digital Research 64K Static RAM for S-100 Bus Tested/Working

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Wed Feb 3 11:06:36 EST 2016

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the "thread". - Herb]

Your eBay description and discussion here, refer to the S-100 card as "a 
Digital Research product".

Digital Research Computers/Corporation or DRC of Texas was a small 
manufacturer of S-100 cards and systems. They are NOT associated with 
Digital Research Inc or DRI of California, founded by Dr. Gary Kildall, 
creator of CP/M. I recall "DRC of Texas" ads in a number of period 

I don't know about the Tanner/DRC association. My recollection is that 
the cards are at the least similar. Jonathan, are they identical? If so, 
it may simply be a copy. Such things happened in the era without a 
business sale/purchase, but let me know of any further info, if you please.


That's a new Web page as of today; previously I listed my DRC manuals 
elsewhere. The new page lists the DRC products I have manuals for; and 
has the statement above.

> The manual states the board is IEEE-696 compatible; however,
> that just means it follows IEEE-696 signal designations --
> it is not 16-bit compatible.

IEEE-696 allowed for 8-bit data operations and 16-bit addressing, it's 
also part of the standard, cards are designated accordingly by their 
data and address "paths". I don't discuss details on my Web site, but 
the IEEE 696 standard document can be found on some parts of the Web; 
and as part of various Compupro documents, published articles, etc. I 
discuss the S-100 / IEEE-696 bus signals at:


However, the IEEE has enforced their copyright and asked Web sites to 
remove copies of their IEEE-696 documents. They sell copies of their 
standards (not cheap) on their Web site.

Herb Johnson
former "Dr. S-100"

Herbert R. Johnson,  New Jersey USA
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