[vcf-midatlantic] FS: Tanner/Digital Research 64K Static RAM for S-100 Bus Tested/Working

Jeff Galinat jgalinat at optonline.net
Wed Feb 3 11:53:29 EST 2016

On 2/3/2016 11:06 AM, Herb Johnson via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> Your eBay description and discussion here, refer to the S-100 card as 
> "a Digital Research product".
> Digital Research Computers/Corporation or DRC of Texas was a small 
> manufacturer of S-100 cards and systems. I recall "DRC of Texas" ads 
> in a number of period magazines.
> I don't know about the Tanner/DRC association. My recollection is that 
> the cards are at the least similar. Jonathan, are they identical? If 
> so, it may simply be a copy. Such things happened in the era without a 
> business sale/purchase, but let me know of any further info, if you 
> please.
> Herb Johnson
Hi Herb & Jon,
   The 64K static RAM DRC/Tanner Computers design must have really got 
around as I also have the exact board sold by COEX except it uses a 
large TO-3 5V regulator instead of 2 smaller TO-220 5V regulators.  
Everything else is identical including the component legend/silkscreen.  
I also have a 32K Tanner Computers board that also uses 2K RAMs or 
EPROMs that is very similar, only half the capacity.

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