[vcf-midatlantic] Here's the new museum layout

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Thu Feb 4 12:44:51 EST 2016

The basic layout for our new museum is here:

Lots of important things to know:

- There will be a welcome desk (lower left corner) by the entrance

- Interior walls between the doors will have posters, display cases, etc.

- All of the numbered stations are for microcomputers. Each station 
(except "1+2) is 36x24.

- A picture of one such station (we got parts to built a test unit) is 
here: http://www.vcfed.org/evan/demo_shelf.jpg ... red lines on bottom 
show where there will be support rails (we didn't get those for the 
demo) and green lines on top show where signs will go.

- Notice that the top shelf is slanted and has a lip. This is a great 
spot for printers, expansion units, similar models (for example, an 
Apple II below and a //c and GS above), etc. .... we'd avoid putting 
anything tall-ish up there, such as monitors, and anything with an 
upwardly sloped front (such as a //+ or //e).

- We ordered shelf liners, too.

- The spot labeled "1+2" will be 48x24 and will contain an ASR-33 and an 
electronic terminal -- whether it's a TVT or something professional is 
not yet decided.

- Layout doesn't show the alcove, which is a small room to the 
upper-left (next to "CotM" -- Computer of the Month). Alcove will 
contain a few kid-sized desks, a (small) workbench, large LCD on the 
wall, and that sort of thing.

- The museum floor is gray paint. We'll probably get nice-looking carpet 
runners for the aisles.

- The "modern history" exhibit will probably be dark green panels 
against the wall (so we can take them with us to other events, or if we 
ever move again, etc.) with lines on them from the outside toward the 
center (evoking a PCB) .... each line will start with something that is 
now (relatively )obsolete (Rolodex, answering machine, camera, GPS, 
Gameboy, calculator, iPod, and so on -- I have a list of 27 things) and 
they'll all meet in the middle, where we'll put a smartphone. Sign will 
say, "Everything on this wall now fits in your pocket." Kind of neat!

We've already shown these ideas to about 20 people in this group and at 
InfoAge in general. It's been well-received.

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