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I assume you'll move things around periodically, but have you selected the
opening day exhibits by table number yet?

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> The basic layout for our new museum is here:
> http://www.vcfed.org/evan/9010layout.jpg
> Lots of important things to know:
> - There will be a welcome desk (lower left corner) by the entrance
> - Interior walls between the doors will have posters, display cases, etc.
> - All of the numbered stations are for microcomputers. Each station
> (except "1+2) is 36x24.
> - A picture of one such station (we got parts to built a test unit) is
> here: http://www.vcfed.org/evan/demo_shelf.jpg ... red lines on bottom
> show where there will be support rails (we didn't get those for the demo)
> and green lines on top show where signs will go.
> - Notice that the top shelf is slanted and has a lip. This is a great spot
> for printers, expansion units, similar models (for example, an Apple II
> below and a //c and GS above), etc. .... we'd avoid putting anything
> tall-ish up there, such as monitors, and anything with an upwardly sloped
> front (such as a //+ or //e).
> - We ordered shelf liners, too.
> - The spot labeled "1+2" will be 48x24 and will contain an ASR-33 and an
> electronic terminal -- whether it's a TVT or something professional is not
> yet decided.
> - Layout doesn't show the alcove, which is a small room to the upper-left
> (next to "CotM" -- Computer of the Month). Alcove will contain a few
> kid-sized desks, a (small) workbench, large LCD on the wall, and that sort
> of thing.
> - The museum floor is gray paint. We'll probably get nice-looking carpet
> runners for the aisles.
> - The "modern history" exhibit will probably be dark green panels against
> the wall (so we can take them with us to other events, or if we ever move
> again, etc.) with lines on them from the outside toward the center (evoking
> a PCB) .... each line will start with something that is now (relatively
> )obsolete (Rolodex, answering machine, camera, GPS, Gameboy, calculator,
> iPod, and so on -- I have a list of 27 things) and they'll all meet in the
> middle, where we'll put a smartphone. Sign will say, "Everything on this
> wall now fits in your pocket." Kind of neat!
> We've already shown these ideas to about 20 people in this group and at
> InfoAge in general. It's been well-received.

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